Call Manager BAT Query Tool
Remember when using the bulk query tool in CUCM if you mix phone models in your query you may get a reduced set of options to choose from. For instance [...]
Cisco CUCM high CPU after VMTools upgrade. DO NOT UPGRADE VMTOOLS!
So this is for 10.5 and up, and actually effects CUCM, CUC, and CER. The current bug report for this is listed here [...]
Cisco Call Manager, using tail command for log files because RTMT is a POS Java app.
If you come form a Linux background and you work with Cisco Call Manager, you are probably wondering why do I have to use this RTMT software just to watch [...]
Cisco FXS/FXO debug commands
A list of some IOS debug commands I’ve used during some FXO/FXS troubleshooting debug mgcp [packets] Use to view the complete MGCP packets exchanged [...]
Delete Commands delete account account-name Deletes an administrator accountWarning: Be cautious; ensure that you have known credentials for another admin [...]
View dialed digits on h323 gateway
debug voip ccapi inout