Using dbcopy yippie skippy!
Groupwise 7 Documentation:  A link to [...]
All things LDAP and LDIF
Pretty basic info on associative arrays: WHO knew there [...]
Slam Time on OES Linux Server
Slam time, start the NTP daemon and verify time. – Stop the daemon by typing: /etc/init.d/xntpd stop – Slam the current time by typing: ntpdate [...]
gwdva using 99% utilization
groupwise 7.01 one Suse 9 the gwdva randomly crashes or begins using 99% system utilization, and also renders web access non functional. users attempt to [...]
iPrint error code 5
When installing iPrint printers was recieving error code 5. Here is an old tid on this. 10076065 This is an old TID that talks about fixing this problem [...]
Groupwise using LDAP Authentication/EDirectory Passwords
I have not found anywhere in the novell documentation (honestly I haven’t looked very hard) yet but apparently when using Universal Password, and [...]
eDirectory User Import
Ahhhh the fun of importing users into eDirectory what a lovely chore it is!!!  Here are some links….. This is an old article from 2004 about LDIF [...]
Novell OES Processes
OH how I miss pressing alt+esc and cycling through the various services. Anyhow this post is mainly for my own info. If it helps someone else great. Yea I [...]
LDAP Contextless Login
Do not use the old cxlog registry edit for contextless login anymore. Use LDAP contextless login instead. Go to Novell client properties. Select LDAP [...]