Cisco CUCM high CPU after VMTools upgrade. DO NOT UPGRADE VMTOOLS!

March 22, 2016 - Cisco

So this is for 10.5 and up, and actually effects CUCM, CUC, and CER. The current bug report for this is listed here

As of a month after opening a TAC case on it there is still no fix for this.

Whatever you do, not attempt to upgrade VMtools to 10240 or greater for the time being. If you do you will be stuck running with SELinux set in permissive mode, which may or may not be an issue for you. I found out the fun way, during production hours everything came to a grinding halt because of the high cpu utilization that occurs because of all the SELinux denials. Earlier that morning during none production hours everything was fine, so it seemed.

Why Cisco hasn’t created a fix for this I’m not sure. I use SELinux policies from time to time they are a little complicated but I’m sure they have people on staff much smarter then myself. Guess not enough people have complained maybe?

Anyhow if you find yourself in this situation quickly get to the cli and run this command:

utils os secure permissive

Which you actually had to do to get the tools installed to begin with. If you haven’t installed or attempted to upgrade the tools DON’T DO IT!!!

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