Groupwise using LDAP Authentication/EDirectory Passwords

August 7, 2007 - Groupwise

I have not found anywhere in the novell documentation (honestly I haven’t looked very hard) yet but apparently when using Universal Password, and configuring Groupwise to authenticate using LDAP it uses two concurrent logins.

 So in other words in this configuration if you limit concurrent logins to 1 your users cannot login to both EDirectory and Groupwise at the same time. GWIA will give you a wonderful error:53 which according to the TID I saw leads you to beleive the users password is expired, and I do suppose that LDAP returns the same error code for expired and concurrent logins? MAYBE??

Not that it’s a huge deal but so much for limiting your users to kly logging into one comptuer at a time. Well they are limited to two now! NICE!

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