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Commodore 64 screen colors
Background: Red: 54 Green: 42 Blue: 190 Text: Red: 204 Green: 253 Blue: 253
View dialed digits on h323 gateway
debug voip ccapi inout
Helios 2N call Manager Notes
notes and info on Helios 2n door access phone camera thing 2N_HELIOS_IP_CISCO_6 (1)   Notes about video settings found in the Cisco Support Forums [...]
DB abstraction
Config File: $dbhost = "MYSQLHOST"; //hostname of DB server $dbName = "MYDB"; //Name of DB $dbuser = "db-username"; //DB User $dbpass = "db-password"; //DB [...]
Unable to open VoiceMessage.wav
Unable to open voicemail file attachements. When using a voicemail system that delivers voicemails via exchange/outlook, outlook will occasionally reach [...]
Disable Windows Scanner Wizard
Ok seems simple enough right? If you want to disable the Windows Scanner Wizard disable the Windows Image Acquisition service. This is so you can use the [...]
OnBase Disconnected Scanning LDAP Switch
When using LDAP and NT Authentication must add the following switches to disconnected scanning…. -AL -INTERACTIVE Don’t forget it!
OnBase Verbose Switch
add a -V for verbose. And now scratch your head and wonder where the hell the log file is? I mean seriously? Where is it? The documentation for the nethasp [...]
Neighbour table overflow
We had an OES 1 box that was unable to communicate on the network, it was acting like it was recieving a DOS attack but traffic analysis did not indicate [...]